Reasons to promote TikTok makerting offer.

Here Are 6 Reasons Why You Should Promote This Offer... 1. CRAZIEST PAYOUTS IN THE INDUSTRY: This may sound so good you want to pinch yourself, but it is indeed true. No other affiliate program can match the level of crazy payouts like this one! We’re talking about converting a $15 sale and racking in $60 AOV. Yes- there are other offers that payout more than $80. But it takes less more persuasion, effort, and shady marketing tactics to make 1 sale of our product Think about it: 1 sale = $60 AOV. 2. SUPER COMPLIANT (STOP THE BAN HAMMER!) This is not your average affiliate offer. The difference between our offer and others is that, due to its unique design, this product can be promoted in an entirely white-hat way with no risk of getting banned on any of the most popular traffic sources, like Facebook, Google, YouTube, TikTok, etc. No shady tactics, no crazy claims, no clickbait. Instead you are even giving value to your customers by gifting them resourceful growth tips. Exactly the opposite, instead of commenting negative stuff, people will rave about your ads and tag their friends. Traffic networks love these ads. (And the CTRs are also higher than with traditional shady, scammy presell pages and quiz landers). Higher CTRs, happy customers and networks will love you. You will also have no problems with Facebooks "Customer Feedback Score" - this offer is completely digital. There is no shipping involved and that means you can optout from Facebooks Customer Feedback Score tracking. BUILD YOUR OWN ASSET: We know it can be tough sometimes as an affiliate. You feel like you are dependent on the vendor and working on their success, not yours. This finally comes to an end with our offer. Privacy This offer will build YOU an extensive email list as you promote it. Because it only works in that way. If you promote this offer successfully, there is no option other than getting a big email list along the way. It’s proven to generate over 10,000 qualified email contacts per day. (Remember you are promoting TikTok marketing Ebook..... People opt-in like crazy. And you get to keep all leads. 5. SCALE LIKE CRAZY: Our offer works with customers worldwide, and this allows your business to reach the widest audience possible. We make sales in countries we didn't even know existed. Due to the low price of only $1 and its purely digital components, it works with any English-speaking country worldwide. This creates room for massive scale. You can literally scale this offer with completely broad, worldwide campaigns (this is what we do!) 6. NO MORE GUESSWORK. BE PROFITABLE FROM DAY 1 If we accept you as an affiliate we will give you everything. We strip bare, we drop the curtain. You get our best Facebook ads, Youtube Ads, Google Search Ads and Keywords, Google Display Ads and Placements, Lookalike Audiences and Hashed Customer Lists. We explain the exact targeting to you. You get our best email funnels. SIMPLY EVERYTHING. It's almost impossible NOT to make a sale with these proven materials. We also help you with pixel implementation and are always personally available for you and your questions. You get virtually free consulting from industry giants. We only earn money when you earn money. And we want you to make a LOT of money for a LONG time.

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